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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and took that which was “formless and void” (unsuitable for man) and transformed it into a place of order, beauty, and sustainability. He placed man there in a place called Eden (Delight). He said that it was “very good.” God and man shared a special relationship in the garden until Adam and Eve willfully broke their relationship with God by disobeying his command. From that time forward, God has been on a mission to restore the relationship which once was. This is his mission, the Missio Dei. He is establishing his kingdom. From his curse on the serpent in Gen. 3:15[8] to the covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and the New Covenant, God has not wavered from his mission to restore his relationship with fallen man and to establish his Kingdom. There is no Christian mission apart from God’s mission. The church and every Christian mission agency on the planet exists to participate in the mission of God; to join him in the task of reconciling the nations to himself.

Miracle family temple is very mission-oriented under the dynamic leadership of our Lead Pastor.Rev.David Loganathan, we are not only involved in Local missions but internationally.  We have our annual Global Prayer Network in Sri-Lanka. Our Mission team travels to different parts of the world. In 2016 the team went to Nepal and in 2017 they have visited the Island nation of Philippines.

Women’s Ministry

The women ministry meets every week at the Miracle Family Temple. They join hands in one accord and pray for our country, unsaved people, church, youths and etc. Pastor. Sherina spearheads this department. She is also involved in  Feeding the Hunger, Miracle Family care, and numerous other ministries. We now have a more formal women’s ministry in order to: To embed a theological vision for life in ministry for women. For the purpose of creating and maintaining sisterhood among the women in our church. To empower women to do ministry in the church.

We want to intentionally meet women who want deeper theological reflection where they are. It won’t just happen. Women’s ministry also allows us to directly address the challenges of cultivating friendships across generations—whether someone is mentoring or being poured into. In addition, if you look at any renewal movement in history, women were at the helm. We want to empower and free women to do that kind of ministry.

Bible Study Ministry

Christianity is meant to be relational—first, on a vertical axis between ourselves and God and, second, on a horizontal axis between ourselves and those around us. Bible studies move us from being spectators in a weekly church service to active participants in a like-minded community dedicated to spiritual growth. As we encounter God’s Word together, we have an opportunity to share our different perspectives and insights and are broadened because of the interaction. More information is retained when there is active involvement, so biblical literacy is enhanced. Application and accountability bring understanding that moves God’s Word from the intellect to the heart. Transformation is encouraged (Romans 12:2), and our lives are changed. When our lives are changed, the lives of those around us are changed as well. God designed us to need Him and each other. His word to us is to reach out and love one another. Colossians 3:16 says we should allow “the message of Christ [to] dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the backbone of our church, no prayer no power, so our team under the lead pastor Dr.Daivid Loganathan meets every morning at  5:30 and intercedes for the Church, nation and in particular for the persecuted Christians all over the world. Incorporating a prayer ministry time into worship services on a regular basis is one way in which we can be faithful in connecting the declaration of the Kingdom of God through teaching, worship and evangelism, with the demonstration and extension of the Kingdom through prayer and healing. Together, these components are a part of our faithful enactment of the gospel in the midst of the kingdom of this world. This is the larger purpose for the development of this type of ministry. The more immediate purpose of the ministry is to intercede with people by invoking the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and ministering wholeness, deliverance, peace, healing, reconciliation and the empowerment of individuals according to their needs.

Radio/Television Ministry

The primary mission of any Christian church is to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ. That said, no other moment in history has offered as many possible channels for that message to travel through into the hearts and lives of people everywhere. It is also true that the Christian church has used media technologies since their inception, although not always in the most effective and appropriate ways. Most of these efforts have centered on radio and television, which are still the perceived apex for any media ministry. However, media consumption patterns have changed so much in recent times that it requires a shift in thinking away from the traditional media model to more of a hybrid media model, which gives increasingly more weight to emerging media platforms such as the Internet and mobile technologies.